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Wedding Season Nude Lips

Posted on January 30 2020

Go Heavy On The Eye Makeup and Pair It With Nude Lips

“I never thought I’d love nude lipstick, but I really do. I just feel sexier. Less is definitely more.” – Nicki Minaj

Beauty is not only being comfortable and confident in your skin but also about finding a kick-ass lip colour. Did you know that several traditional bridal looks demand a swipe of classic nude lipstick? From being subtly glamorous to low maintenance and distinctive - it has an extravagant appeal that makes brides like you go crazy about it.


Red might often be the shade that brides associate with for their big night, however, for the last couple of months, it's been nude lipsticks that every girl is going gaga about. After all, on a bad day, it is always lipstick that can uplift your mood, spirits, and beauty.


Nude lips will help you achieve the classic look that you crave and as Nicki Minaj said, you can feel sexier wearing it too 😉. Besides, makeup artists feel nude is easier to wear and works wonders with every lip shape. The final touch to your bridal makeup needs to be a blend of fresh and sophistication, something that is a true classic - all of this can be offered by nude lipstick. 



Which Nude Lipstick Will Suit You Best?


Regardless of being a sensational choice for brides, there remains a dilemma. It is unbelievably challenging to choose a shade of nude lipstick that suits your complexion. If you choose something that is too light, there is a chance you will appear washed out on your grand night. 


However, when you choose a shade too dark, it might backfire on you real fast. And, who needs another overwhelming headache on top of endless other ones on your big night?


So, what should you do to avoid all the confusion? Here are some tips for choosing the most flattering lipstick in nude to look mesmerizing.


For Fair Complexion:


You must watch out for lipsticks that have pink or peach undertones. This shade will naturally elevate the beauty of your pink lips all the while adding some color and warmth to your porcelain skin.


You must keep away from pale nudes if you aren't in a hurry to appear like a blood sucking, lifeless vampire haha 😉. Hence, something that has a beautiful soft matte finish will be a perfect choice for you. Let your natural texture shine through. 


Hence, Lingery from Zany Beauty will look exceptional on you. It will be the best way to pair your heavy, bridal eye makeup. 


For Medium Skin: 


Your skin's warm undertones can be complemented by nude hue. That is, nudes with peach or pink base color but are warmer in the shade will ensure you have the youthful and bridal glow. You must refrain from neutral shades that match your skin complexion. This will cause your skin to appear drab and lackluster. 


Lipsticks with sheer finish can add luminosity and a glorious appeal to your completion.Petticoat from Zany Beauty will meet your complexion criteria and bridal look. 


For Olive Skin:


Darker nude shades will work best for your complexion. The sun-kissed beauty of your skin can be elevated by golden beige lip colour with a unique satin texture. Peachy nude or muted coral will also look stunning on your skin. These shades have the potential to balance the green\blue undertones of your skin in the most glamorous manner. 


It isn't ideal to choose a lighter toner for your complexion. To achieve this look, Zany Beauty's Beauty Spot lip colour will help. 


For Dark Complexion:


Every dark-skinned lady's go-to choice of color should be nude lipsticks with red or brown undertones. Another flattering alternative is the plum hue with a brown base. The creamy matte texture of Chuddy Buddy will not only shimmer all night long but also offer the exact look you crave. 


Choosing Nude Wedding Lipsticks: What To Consider?


When you are done choosing your hairstyle, wedding dress, and jewellery -it is your wedding makeup that needs to be sorted. Your glitzy, heavy eye makeup is going to have a massive impact on the shade of your lipstick. If you choose to flow with the trend and pick nude lip colour, then these tips are bound to come handy. 


Something That is Easy To Wear -


Thanks to the delightful light tone of nude lipstick, you will be able to incorporate it with your skin tone. Regardless of your skill to apply makeup, nude lipsticks are particularly easy to appear. There is no special tutorial that you have to follow. Simply apply it on your lips, press them together, and voila! There is no room for mishap only the power to slay. 


If you don't wear lipstick on a regular basis, then the perfect hue will be something natural or neutral. Zany Beauty's Nanga Punga is an incredible wedding lipstick choice. The shade is similar to your lip colour. It is the universal choice of brides and will suit every lady. 


Consider The Finish And Texture -


It’s your day and to have every eye transfixed on your glory, pair your matte lip color with a shimmering gloss. Trust us ladies, you will be ready to slay (not just your about to be husband) everyone.  Whether you choose a matte finish lipstick or a shimmering gloss, don't forget to consider the texture and finish of the lipstick. The secret to hassle-free makeup is choosing lipsticks that will stay for hours at a stretch. 


Keeping One Aside -


Your emergency makeup kit for your wedding day must have an extra nude lipstick. This will prove beneficial if you have to re-apply your makeup. 


Be it subtle nudes or bold bright red lipstick- we understand how difficult it can be to choose a lipstick for your wedding. Regardless of being an inseparable part of every woman's life, it can be particularly tricky to settle on a particular shade. With a wide array of choices in lipsticks, it can prove to be a daunting task to pick one. However, the lipstick that every woman needs to have for her wedding night is nude.


It is high time all of us surrender to its beauty. The stunning shades of nude lipsticks is truly a promise of a better day, don't you think ladies?


 Photos by Dollar Gill on Unsplash