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Enlightening Route to Beauty Routines

Posted on January 31 2020

If you think lasting beauty is a onetime process (visiting a beauty salon as a simple way out) then you can't be more wrong. Leaving skincare to the chance is a recipe for disaster, beautiful skin needs daily attention and maintenance. Follow a flawless beauty routine religiously to have everlasting results which will make others jealous of you.

Now staying young and supple skin owner is in your hands. Follow the daily skincare routine/practices to defy signs of ageing.

1) Sufficient Water Intake Daily

Water is one of the best and the cheapest intoxicant that works miraculously for the whole body and the skin especially. It keeps your skin hydrated and healthy. After getting up in the morning, make sure that you start your day drinking at least 12 ounces of water to make up for night dehydration.

According to the medical research finding, you should be consuming 0.5 -1 ounce of water in proportion to your body weight. Or in simple terms, consume at least 8 to 10 litres of water daily.

2) Avoid Using Low-Quality Cosmetics Including Face Wash

Better than using low-quality face cleanser in the morning, try cleaning the face with lukewarm water.

The rule is - clean before the bed means clean in the morning.

Overusing chemical-based cleanser can dry your skin. Dry skin leads to break out and sometimes extra oil secretion.

So, make sure you are using good quality cosmetics.

3)  Be Particular with Exfoliating Process

The process of removing dead skin layers from the outer layer of your skin is exfoliating it. It is necessary for regaining healthy skin cells regrowth. Exfoliating promotes the proper cellular turnover of the skin cells.

But make sure to restrict the process to once a week to protect your skin from over-exfoliating. The excess makes skin more prone to sun damage, pimples or acne.

Choose the best quality moisturizer to rejuvenate your skin and form an extra layer to protect from harmful sun rays.

While out in the sun make sure to use a good sunscreen (reapply it every 2 hours) with SPF of 30 or more.

4) Cleaning Face Before Going To Bed

To let your skin breathe at night, make sure to get rid of all the dirt and the makeup stuck onto your face. Wash it with a cleanser or a gentle soap before going to the bed and during the daytime at least once. This removes sweat or dust particles.

Make sure to keep your neck and chest clean too. These sensitive parts also need careful beauty treatment.

To avoid wrinkling of the chest, try using smoothing patches and discs overnight that are readily available online. 

5) Follow Natural Lip Care Routine

Dry lips indicate a need for intensive lip care routine. And certainly, chap-stick is not the solution.

  • For the soft, supple and healthy lips, you need to keep them hydrated,
  • Cover them up with a scarf or face mask when on outing spree.
  • Stop licking your lips (take a sip of water whenever you have the urge to lick to give up this bad habit)
  • Check your toothpaste for harmful chemical
  • Make sure to include healthy fats in your diet that helps to do away with the dryness
  • Include an adequate amount of coconut oil, walnuts or other nutrients – dense fats in your daily diet.
  • Relish on fruits and vegetables religiously to ensure the nutrient intake of the body is balanced

Some Conventional Lip Care Products

Conventional lip products are often filled with components that make your lips dry. So, try to keep your choice of products inclined towards natural components. Go with the brands that offer most skin-friendly chemicals in their beauty products range.

If you are a lip balm fan, make sure there are no oxybenzone, homosalate or octinoxate in your balms. Parabens and petrolatum present in some lip products are harmful chemicals.

Lip balm with SPF can also cause allergy and dry your lips.

So better choose good ingredients such as natural oils, sugar and natural extracts to heal chapped or cracked lips.

Cared for lips also ensure a better look for the lipsticks you want to use.

More to Come from Zany Beauty

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Photo by Chris Knight from Unsplash